Prashant Dangash​

An IT industry veteran with more than 25 years of experience leading and delivering enterprise solutions across multiple domains across India, Europe and US. His last tenure was a 16-year stint at Oracle Corp, in the US and India where he led development of industry solutions, spearheaded talent acquisition and development programs.​


Meet Antani

An Oracle veteran of 20 years, Meet managed the Utilities Product Development within Oracle for 9 years, including managing the India Development Center for Oracle Utilities. Meet was also the architect behind Utilities product like OUA and UTA.


Ashwin Balvally

A senior professional specializing in Project Management, Business, Channel & Sales Management, with 25 years of experience in India, South East Asia, Taiwan, USA & Middle East. Ashwin has a strong business acumen and successful track record of leading sales teams to drive business development, build alliances, expand capabilities, increase market share and improve company profile, even in competitive industry.


Jayanarayan Rayaroth

An experienced Software Development leader, Jay held various product development leadership positions in Oracle India Pvt Ltd spearheading enterprise application development across various domains including Supply Chain Management and Utilities. Jay is an expert in building product development teams from ground up and scaling them to required expansion capacities based on need.